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100% natural and made in Australia. Our plant based beauty products are completely made from natural ingredients, including turmeric, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, treats acne and fades dark spots. leave on for 10 minutes, have a relax and then rinse off and you are left with hydrated and brighter skin.
Double Detox Bundle
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Looking for the perfect serum. Well here it is My Skinny Mask have formulated the ideal fully plant based natural serum that will fight the signs of ageing, fine lines and get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Vegan and cruelty free and fighting the packaging world to become fully sustainable. Glow today with our miracle hydrating serum . Available through IPYSY and other major retailers.
Miracle Hydrating Serum - Prickly Pear
Turmeric & Vitamin C Clay Face Mask
Turmeric & Vitamin C Clay Face Mask