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Written by amanda mckenzie


Posted on April 14 2021


Call them what you will acne, breakouts, zits or pimples. Regardless of the name, they manage to weasel their way onto the most inconvenient, unwanted spots on our faces.

If acne is getting you down its time to find the right treatment! Oily skin seems to typically be the culprit of acne and some may say it is time to sort out some key areas in your life.

1 -  SKIN CARE  

Look at your skin care cupboard and maybe it is time to re look at what you have been using and what you feel is really making a difference and what isn’t.

It can be tempting to use every skin care product on the shelf in search of a solution. But sometimes less is more.

Turmeric mixed with Kaolin Clay has great benefits in drawing out the oils and dirt, treating acne.

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients will also show a significant Improvement.

Our Clay mask is perfect for sensitive skin.


2 - DIET

One of the best changes you can make to your skin is diet. Research shows switching to a diet rich in protein, and low GI foods with lots of fruit and vegetables and less processed foods this will help with cleaning our your skin.

Did you know that some studies have shown that dairy milk can trigger acne in some people. Maybe that's one of the reasons we are told to stay away from chocolate. 


Avoid touching, picking and squeezing as you will just inflame the area.

By the time we notice a pimple our skin has already started to repair itself, lets not mess with this healing process. Our skin will then need to go back to square one and start the repair process all over again. 


We know it is easier said than done, but lifestyle factors play an important part of our daily life.

Try to minimize stress, add more sleep, exercise and water to your daily routine.



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